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about us

We are Quzhou Run Qi Chemical Co., Ltd. Focusing on manufacturing and marketing of Pyridine and derivatives. We are also in the business of related Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical products including TECH products and intermediates. We have independent R&D center and professional team handling manufacturing and marketing. Therefore we are able to enhance full products chain and support end users.

It’s our pleasure to provide with good products, professional R&D and technology service, transparent marketing information to our customers.

Main Products:

Pyridine,3-methylpyridine,3-cyanopyridine,2-chloronicotinic acid,2,3-dichloropyridine, 2-chloropyridine
Pharm intermediates: Ranitidine intermediate (NMSM), Nicotinic acid, Nicinamide, Ethyl Nicotinate
Agrochemical Products: Glyphosate, PMIDA, Paraquat, Methomyl, Imidacloprid, Glufosinate, Chlorpyrifos, Nicosulfuron, Diflufenican,Pymetrozine, Boscalid
Other Products: Methanesulfonyl Chloride, Phosphorous Acid, Fire Retardant TEP and TCPP, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Percarbonate

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